Easy multi-channel order processing

Connect your order sources to automate order management processes and reduce time-consuming manual tasks.

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All your orders, in one place

With one simple overview of inbound, outbound and return orders, regardless of channel, you can limit manual order processing to a minimum.

Multi-channel commerce

Bring all your orders together

Moddule integrates with your order channels, providing you with a single, normalised overview of all your orders regardless of where they come from.

Ecommerce integrations

Integrate with any order source or marketplace.

Detailed order data

Get the information you need for order processing.

Order routing

Route your orders exactly as you want

With multiple order sources and warehouses, things get complex. On Moddule, you can choose how your orders are routed based on geography, for complete control over your fulfilment processes.

Custom routing

We will set up your order routing like you want it.

Robust automation

Avoid manual routing and unstable solutions.


Act fast when something goes wrong

Stay informed with real-time notifications on order handling and delivery issues. Moddule ensures that you are always in the loop of what matters, with the right context, so you can act fast.

Alerts panel

Different status alerts give you context to act.

Minimize disruptions

Act fast when order issues arise.

Last mile

Follow your orders to the customer door

Get milestone data on all your orders, regardless of courier, from warehouse to customer door. No more juggling between multiple websites and inconsistent data.

Accurate tracking

Enjoy tracking accuracy of up to 99.9%.

Worldwide coverage

1500+ carriers and 120+ airlines worldwide.

Inbound orders

Inbound and outbound in one place

Place inbound orders through Moddule and track them through to delivery at your warehouse. Moddule ensures that your warehouse inventory is in sync with your sales channels and ready to be sold.

PO & SKU tracking

Follow your POs and SKUs across your supply chain.


Share documents with your warehouse.

Automatic sync

Keep your inventory in sync, from order sources to warehouses

Avoid stock issues by keeping your inventory automatically synced between your order sources and your warehouses, ensuring a perfect alignment at all times, seamlessly.


Define how the syncing should work.

Adjustment log

All adjustments logged per SKU for complete control.

Keep your stock in sync, from order sources to warehouses

Frequently Asked Questions

How many orders sources can I connect to Moddule?

You can connect as many order sources to Moddule as you like. Some connections are pre-made and quick while others will be developed for you. You won't pay anything for us to build a new integration, however, the monthly cost of that connection is subject to an assessment of how complex it is for us to build it and maintain it.

Did we answer your question? If not, please write to us on support@moddule.com.

Do I pay a commission for each order?

No, our pricing model is based on the number and complexity of connections you have passing through Moddule. Unlike many competitors, we do not charge a commission on every single order we handle. For more details about our pricing model, please check our plans page.

Did we answer your question? If not, please write to us on support@moddule.com.

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