Simple solutions for a complex industry

We're creating solutions to simplify supply chain management, allowing your business to thrive.

Simple solutions for a complex industry


As global supply chains have become increasingly complex and challenging to manage, we've realized that full supply chain visibility is crucial in helping our customers become more efficient, resilient, and agile when responding to market disruptions.

We want to give our customers more transparency and simplicity. This allows them to reduce costs while maintaining the flexibility they need to improve supply chain efficiency. With a platform that focuses on customers' needs, independently of logistics operators, we give our clients the freedom to choose their partners based on their operational costs and skills, without compromising on visibility.

Companies are tired of fragmented systems, spreadsheets and a lack of visibility in their supply chain. Moddule gives them the control and connectivity they need, with end-to-end visibility from supplier to consumer.

Hans Helmegaard, CEO at Moddule

Moddule in numbers

Total footprint: 1.3 million m² (14,000,000 ft²)

Worldwide warehouse partners: 80+

Delivers to: 90% of the world in less than 3 days

Our network covers: 23 countries

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